Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photos of the new clock FELDO

Friday, June 26, 2009

FELDO for men and women

Now, men can also enjoy these revolutionary and unmistakable luxury timepieces with their additional accesories as our FELDO cufflinks. FELDO designers have developed their own style with products which mactch both classic and futuristic fashion. FELDO timepieces use highly technology materials as well as sophisticated and revolutionary ones. Our accesories are designed with high quality and the best design. Nowadays, the style is continuosly changing both for men an women. FELDO has the solution to combine style and glamour. FELDO certification mark Made in Germany offers to the customer security and high quality products. When we say the time to other people, it is not only a kind and polite gesture, but also it can be a glamourous gesture. It could be the ideal situation to show these luxury timepieces that you wish to buy and finally have. To wear FELDO timepieces and combine their accesories is a sign of good taste and also show one’s personal style. FELDO timepieces are the most custom watches that exist in the market. Men and women have a different styles when they acquire a watch. Our new luxury timepieces, FELDO 1-1 B/B and FELDO 1-2 R/B made in Germany and patented in Switzerland are for both men and women. These luxury timepieces have been designed as authentic jewelery watches to be used in any glamourous event. FELDO offers timepieces with big dials, style curves and a innovatime and patented hand system with high technology. That is FELD

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Feldo Luxury S. L., working on the European market of luxurious real estate and exclusive accessories has announced a tender among German, Spanish, Czech and Ukrainian design agencies searching a partner for creation of their corporate identity. The tender was won by Ukrainian design studio AWWSoft, which managed to offer original concept and brand visualization. In course of four month working the studio has created a logo, packaged system of visual identification, corporate website combining utilitarian properties with emotional expression of brand perception. Implementation of this ideas impelled German-Spanish company, claiming to become one of the most famous companies in the field of elegant and prestigious accessories to prolong our cooperation for 2009 and 2010. In the opinion of Mr. Hilmar Vielhaber, Feldo Luxury marketing director, Ukrainian designers have wide scope of competitive advantages in comparison with their eastern and western colleagues. Firstly they have similar to European mentality, secondly high general education level and thirdly their endeavor to succeed on the market.

Mr. Hilmar Vielhaber, Feldo Luxury S.L. marketing director:
AWWSoft understood our strategy and managed to adapt main company messages for European customers. We are fully satisfied with their products. They have done a good job and we decided to prolong our cooperation for the next few years.

Eugen Kruglyak, AWWSOft art-director:
Only the reviews given by recognized professionals are valuable. We appreciate the choice of Feldo Luxury S. L. of our style and our point of view.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Timepieces FELDO luxury

FELDO timepieces essentially seduce by their extraordinary design and extra secure technology. Many timepiece manufacturers put the mechanism of the timepiece first. Often the most important characteristics are new complications in design or at least ones that are established but improved upon.

With FELDO, our timepieces are designed using good technical mechanisms, attention is centered unequivocally on a different technical presentation, as nowadays even timepieces serve firstly to tell the time and secondly as a piece of jewelry.

Jewelry was very fashionable a thousand years ago and even today most people wear at least one piece of jewelry. The term jewel also refers to semi-precious stones which are often used to adorn more precious materials. Nowadays, jewels are used to embellish the appearance of an item. In the past, however, aside from being of high material value, a jewel also had magical and even erotic value.

Heads of families were normally adorned with the most expensive pieces of jewelry giving off an air of inaccessibility. Even today jewelry is used to show social status or to guarantee financial security. However, for most people a jewel is simply the most beautiful thing in the world.

Let us return to the repercussions of timepieces. Each suit at night becomes magnificent with an appropriate timepiece is being worn. These timepieces are always rare. Designers produce the most unusual forms. The mechanism of the timepiece is its skeleton, the colours, the diverse forms and measurements are created and combined with diverse materials. In this way, a timepiece can be made to specifically suit each client.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watches FELDO luxury S.L.

The manufacture of timepieces must meet specific measurements to within a thousandth of a millimeter. It is inevitable that such a mechanism is subject to a certain amount of deterioration over time. All the watches, as much mechanical models as automatic ones, will therefore require inspection every four to five years, to verify the accuracy of the internal components, to clean the watch and possibly to adjust the mechanism. Depending on the retailer, this overhaul could be done by their watchmaker.

The watchmaker can request sketches of the watch to assist with the overhaul, allowing them to manipulate the watch accurately. If they require a spare part, they can request them directly from FELDO. Doing an overhaul regularly ensures the watch retains its value and that it will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. All our watches appear in the web pages of FELDO International:Orologi di lusso , Montres de luxe , Relojes de pulsera, Luxury, Luxusuhren and Relojes de lujo , are manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FELDO Blog Published

In this blog, you´ll get the hottest FELDO news in the future !

FELDO luxury news

Timepieces made by FELDO Luxury S.L. are always distinguished for being extra special. These timepieces incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. This is the manufacturer’s philosopy and motto:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

Obviously this statement is also valid for timepieces. So, FELDO does not incorporate the usual complications in the different timepieces models, instead the complication is the product itself.


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