Monday, September 21, 2009

Wrist watches FELDO

Previous to the manufacturing of FELDO wrist watches, a prototype must be created. This prototype is identical to the finally developed wrist watches. So, you will be able to check and to draw up your own conclusions before throwing them on the market. In the prototype, all kind of tests are carried out such as resistance, confort and liability tests in order to ensure the client’s satisfaction at purchasing one of our wrist watches. After performing all the necessary tests to the wrist watches, a mini series production starts, due to the fact that FLEDO does not produce massively but its wirst watches are exclusive. FELDO wrist watches are manufactured with the best quality materials in the market, so when you acquire FELDO wrist watches you are purchasing not only an exclusive wrist watch but also a high quality device. FELDO wrist watches are made in Germany, so they have the seal “Made in Germany” in order to guarantee the acquisition of high quality wrist watches with an exceptional finishing. FELDO makes not only wrist watches but also other accesories such as our cuflflinks for shirts which perfectly match with the wirst watches. Our cufflinks, like FELDO wirst watches, are manufactured with the best quality materials, handmade, and with many different testing methods to ensure their high quality. After the prototype has been tested, paying attention up to the tiny details and eventually improved, a series production is started. In FELDO, series production means a mini series production giving importance to the handicraft skills at this first step. FELDO has established this manufacturing system so that a series of FELDO objects were always componed by few thousand units or in the case of limited editions just by few hundred of units (eg. 250 units). Only relatively few people in the world can therefore possess these unique wrist watches. The mini series production ends with an extremely exhaustive final test so every wrist watch is tested by an inspector at the end of the process. Any minor fault or variation is discarded. Wrist watches can be restored to the required state thanks to a manual reparation or they are again removed and discarded. You, as the customer, will always receive only the highest quality wrist watches. Your watchmaker can require to FELDO sketch to perform the different reparations to handle all the wrist watches accurately. It is possible to contact directly to FELDO in case you need replacement pieces. If your wrist watches is regularly reviewed you will ensure that your descendat will be able to enjoy of this special wrist watches which is without any doubt a piece of art. You can find all FELDO wrist watches in our web-sites international Montres de luxe, Timepieces, Luxusuhren, Relojes de lujo, Relojes de pulsera, Orologi di lusso, Relojes, Luxury watches, Armbanduhren, Relojes de diseño, FELDO news, Luxury goods, Designeruhren, Luxusuhr, Designeruhr, Wrist watches and Gemelos para camisa. They are produced and tested followint the highest quality standard of the market.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luxury goods FELDO.

The term "Luxury Goods" covers a range of luxury product fields: Art, fashion, food, property, yachting ... FELDO focuses on luxury goods as realestate and fashion. In our real estate portfolio you will find attractive villas with a view to the sea situated on the best spots. Fincas and flats with very attractive prices and penthouses on the best European costal areas. FELDO just offers a small amount of selected housing per country mainly located around the mediterranian sea (Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Mallorca, Algarve, Alanya, Antalya). We grant to our customers guidance and the best counselling trough our reliable advisors. The main part of FELDO`s luxury goods is the fashion and accessoires. All products concerning to this sector are designed and manufactured by FELDO itself (Made in Germany). The first upcoming products are luxury watches. These timepieces are designed using good technical mechanisms, attention is centered unequivocally on a different technical presentation, as nowadays even luxury watches serve firstly to tell the time and secondly as a piece of jewelry. In each FELDO watch, you can always find, aside from its functionality, an original design or a special technical extra. These products are protected by a patent once a new design has been created. This right of protection is granted by a Swiss institution and it's governed according to a European or a worldwide model. This reiterates the uniqueness and particularity of the timepiece and certifies its title as being an exclusive piece. Only best materials are used for production: gold, ceramics, carbon, stainless steel, rubber, titanium, copper ...

FELDO luxury news

Timepieces made by FELDO Luxury S.L. are always distinguished for being extra special. These timepieces incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. This is the manufacturer’s philosopy and motto:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

Obviously this statement is also valid for timepieces. So, FELDO does not incorporate the usual complications in the different timepieces models, instead the complication is the product itself.


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