Friday, April 23, 2010

Experiencing Pleasure

Anyone looking for something special, extraordinary and convincing will find just the right thing among the FELDO Luxury S.L. luxury watches. The timepieces with their perfectly coordinated details and a very personal streak are presented to form a little symphony. Each FELDO Luxury S.L. luxury watch has its own special touch and impressive spirit. While designer watches offer special optical features, they also inspire with their great technology. In addition to an unusual design that has become a trademark for women’s and men’s luxury watches alike, all of these timepieces offer great accuracy. The individual signature that makes the very special philosophy of FELDO Luxury S.L. can be recognised as the distinctive trademark of all luxury watches.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Piracy in luxury.

Product piracy especially in the field of luxury goods, watches and cufflinks is an increasing problem, with which also FELDO has to fight against. In Asia and Russia fake production reaches a new dimension. These fake luxury goods are not only offered in markets in which imitations are sold knowingly, but also in stores in which fakes in high quality are sold to unaware consumers at full price. The commercial as well as the damage for the image of the FELDO brand is enormous. All luxury goods made by FELDO are patented and protected against fakes by special certificates and serial numbers.

Friday, April 9, 2010

La pirateria en el lujo.

La piratería de productos especialmente en relación a los artículos de lujo o relojes de lujo es un problema en aumento con el que FELDO tiene que luchar. En Asia y Rusia la producción de las falsificaciones está alcanzando una nueva dimensión. Las falsificaciones de lujo no solo se venden en el mercado en el que las imitaciones también se comercializan, pero además en almacenes y centros comerciales donde falsificaciones de una alta calidad se ofrecen a los clientes al precio del producto autentico. El daño comercial y de imagen a la marca FELDO es enorme. Todos los productos de lujo FELDO están patentados para protegerlos contra falsificaciones con certificados especiales y números de serie.

FELDO luxury news

Timepieces made by FELDO Luxury S.L. are always distinguished for being extra special. These timepieces incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. This is the manufacturer’s philosopy and motto:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

Obviously this statement is also valid for timepieces. So, FELDO does not incorporate the usual complications in the different timepieces models, instead the complication is the product itself.


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