Friday, February 19, 2010

History of designer watches for women

During the Prehistory man measured time. Our ancestors built stone columns so that when a star concurred the alignment of these columns, it indicated an important moment or date.

Mechanical designer watches for women which are used nowadays were invented in the Middle Ages. During that time, human beings had evolved enough to invent advanced mechanical systems to measure time. Mechanical designer watches for women were born, however according to Baresford Hutchinson, both the identity of the inventor and their origin are still unknown. Some historians claim that these watches already existed in the late Middle Ages, i.e. in the last decades of the 13th century. Some European cities had public clocks in the early 14th century. One of the clearest examples of this fact is the astronomic clock of the City-Hall in Prague dated in 1486 created by Nicolas de Kadan and Juan Sindel. This clock has a sphere-shaped calendar palced at the button of the watch. There are also more examples of these clocks, for instance in Milan, Italy there is a clock in the San Eustorgio tower dated from the 1309. In the Cathedral of Toledo, Spain there is a record found in the second half of the 13th century in which a “disrupted horologe”appeared that was supposed to be one of the clocks Alfonso X (the wise) mentioned in 1267.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to choose a set of cufflinks?

Cufflinks are decorative elements which are not as popular as they used to, it can be said that they are in danger of extinction, however they are decorative accessories which can provide our clothing with a touch of elegance. Furthermore, these luxury accessories are essential if you want to wear double cuff (French cuff) shirts or a suit.

If you wish to wear cufflinks for shirt but more casual or informal, you can use trimmings cufflinks either knot or knot and bar. Cufflink designs vary widely: there are a wide variety of colours and however these cufflinks are not suitable to be used in formal events.

Knot cufflinks both in silver (affordable) and gold, or even with semi-precious stones such as jade, lapis-lazuli, onyx, coral or turquoises are the ideal clothing accessory for any occasion. There are also cufflinks with a wide range of shapes and possibilities as well as classical cufflinks with pearls and coins.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Types of designer watches.

Here, we offer a brief summary about three different models of designer watches for men which are the most used in the fashion and luxury world. When choosing a designer watch for men among these models, it is very important to pay attention to the machinery that best suits your needs to become a functional element to you.

Quartz designer watches for men

These designer watcheFELDO designer watches for men quarz.s for men are characterized by including a quartz piece inside their mechanism. This quartz element is used to perform the necessary pulses at regular intervals to measure time. Quartz uses to be cut as a sheet and introduced inside a cylinder which is used to protect this material. The quartz crystal hast to vibrate inside designer watches for men mechanisms. Therefore, it must be powered by an oscillating magnetic field generated by an electronic circuit. This is the main difference among other designer watches for men (clepsydras, hourglasses, etc..) where pulses are physically or mechanically generated.

Quartz governs and stabilizes the frequency which allows for designer watches for men to measure time. The vibration of the crystal generates an electrical signal with the same frequency. This new oscillation supplies power to the electronic circuit correcting frequency deviations produced in relation to its nominal value. The frequency at which the crystal oscillates is dependent on its shape and size, so it can be selected by the manufacturer. Quartz designer watches for men are not only digital but also there are some which use a quartz mechanism together with clock hands.

Automatic designer watches for men

An automatic designer watch for men is like a mechanical wound clock. These designer watFELDO designer watches for men mechanism.ches for men are self-winding because they are wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer’s arm. The advantage or disadvantage of these designer watches for men is that when you do not use them, and they are not wound they cannot show the exact time, however this also happens with conventional wound watches. If one of these automatic designer watches for men stop, this will not affect to the wheel and hairspring and accuracy will not be affected at least in the general sense.

Generally, if the designer watches for men are exposed to both extreme and minimum temperatures, wind, rain and adverse weather conditions, the mechanism of these watches can be FELDO designer watches for men 3affected and they can go forward or slow. It is very difficult to calculate the effects which can be produced on these designer watches for men (a nervous person which is always moving winds the watch more times than others, etc…)

This alteration in the watch operation is neither permanent nor harmful but it is only a mistake due to the watch limitations. A high quality designer watches for men can work properly for a long time despite changing their working conditions.

Electric designer watches for men

These designer watcheFELDO designer watches for men mechanism 1s for men are based on physical movements, and are totally different from balance-wheel watches. They are formed by a synchronous motor and some gears. The main characteristic of electric designer watches for men is their synchronous motor. The speed of rotation will totally depend of the alternating current with which they are powered. So, if the frequency is stable, the speed of rotation will be constant ensuring the highest accuracy in the measurements. The advantages of these designer watches are: their simple machinery, their high accuracy, the lack of any external elements as well as they do not make any noise. Their motor can also be powered by household power but these designer watches for men will not be so accurate due to both voltage drops and surges.

The most accurate electric designer watches for men are powered by means of an alternating current generated by a quartz oscillator, so they have very stable oscillation intervals. For more accurate results, this frequency is further controlled by the natural frequency of atom oscillations or excited molecules (p.e. cesium) to ensure a great stability (atomic).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FELDO: Accessories.

The brand FELDO not only manufactures timepieces but also it is engaged in the manufacturing of other jewels like its cufflinks for shirts. During the manufacturing of its cufflinksFELDO timepieces diamant, FELDO also uses the carbon as a key material. However, FELDO cufflinks have more things in common with timepieces than the use of the same materials so that the manufacturing process is the same in both cases, that is, there is not a series production but very few units are created which become almost exclusive products.

These accessories are like timepieces unique, that means that each piece has been made individually making it unique and exclusive. When purchasing any of FELDO products you can be sure that you do not find any other identical to yours.

The processes used to manufacture either timepieces or any other accessory are very exhaustive, also the manufacturing is carried out by watchmakers and engineers with extensive experience in the world of jewellery. The final product you acquire has previously gone through the best hands. In addition you can benefit at any time of the guarantee and security FELDO offers to the customers.

The guarantee is totally effective thanks to the confidence FELDO has in its watchmakers, so these timepieces will be always extremely accurate. All this has been ensured by the complex quality tests each FELDO product performs before appearing in the market.

FELDO luxury news

Timepieces made by FELDO Luxury S.L. are always distinguished for being extra special. These timepieces incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. This is the manufacturer’s philosopy and motto:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

Obviously this statement is also valid for timepieces. So, FELDO does not incorporate the usual complications in the different timepieces models, instead the complication is the product itself.


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