Friday, November 27, 2009

Designer watches for men

FELDO designer watches for men have an special quality and are easily distinguished by their perfect and original design. The materials used for these designer watches for men are the best ones of the market. The idea of the first FELDO product was born from a first drawing. That first drawing was improving and changing up to get the picture of the piece which was intended to create. All these procedures are always carried out by experienced engineers.

You can be sure that FELDO items, both designer watches for men or other element designed by our engineers have been perfectly manufactured and designed. Only these FELDO designer watches for men with their special characteristics ensure the existence of the brand.

The Know-How protection of designer watches for men is very necessary due to the fact that they are easily copied once they are sent to the market. It is very difficult to establish an efficient protection against counterfiecing when it is done too late.

It is very important to protect the product as soon as possible. Therefore, the protection is performed when the idea is developed to avoid any possible imitation.

FELDO leaves the protection of its designer watches for men in the best Swiss hands to avoid any problem to protect the designer watches for men. The design protection is firstly carried out in Switzerland, then at European level and finally globally. At the top you can see the first design for FELDO designer watches for men.

After developing the idea of the product, the next stage is the product design which consists on determining any element that designer watches for men can need.

The success of FELDO lies in highlighting on the competente with totally new and innovative design as well as a perfect machinery and a high quality in its designer watches for men.

From a technical point of view, the viability also belongs to the product design stage. Thus, it is also the time of starting with the studies for the implementation of the elements already defined and the analysis of long-term stability, the deterioration in the robustness of the measures...

For FELDO it is also important to have very good dealers with a wide public recognition, as well as a great experience in the field of designer watches for men. You can be sure that if our dealers advised our designer watches for men you will acquire a good product.

All these previously mentioned concepts provides the basis for the elaboration of drawings, so every workshop can develop the necessary elements for the prototype. After performing all these steps, the first prototype for the designer watches for men is created. With this prototype all kind of tests are carried out before marketing the product. These tests are very varied to offer to the client the guarantee that FELDO designer watches will last all your life.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Special patented dual carbon fiber disc time indicating system for hours and minutes. The discs are made from the worlds thinnest carbon fiber plates.

Extraordinary designed hands cut from high strength medical steel with 18 ct red gold plated surface and red painted time indicators on it.

Super large size housing with black plating (black carbon fiber) and carbon fiber inlays held by red gold screws. Time setting by turning bezel. Self Winding automatic movement.

The caseback is fit by red gold screws and contains a redgold plate with engraved model number, part number, manufacturing date and FELDO sign.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Luxury goods

expositorThe term "Luxury Goods" covers a range of luxury product fields: Art, fashion, food, property, yachting ... FELDO focuses on cufflinks as realestate and fashion. In our real estate portfolio you will find attractive villas with a view to the sea situated on the best spots. Fincas and flats with very attractive prices and penthouses on the best European costal areas. FELDO just offers a small amount of selected housing per country mainly located around the mediterranian sea (Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Mallorca, Algarve, Alanya, Antalya). We grant to our customers guidance and the best counselling trough our reliable advisors. The main part of FELDO`s wrist watches is the fashion and accessoires. All products concerning to this sector are designed and manufactured by FELDO itself (Made in Germany). The first upcoming products are luxury watches. These watches are designed using good technical mechanisms, attention is centered unequivocally on a different technical presentation, as nowadays even designer watches serve firstly to tell the time and secondly as a piece of jewelry. In each FELDO watch, you can always find, aside from its functionality, an original design or a special technical extra. These products are protected by a patent once a new design has been created. This right of protection is granted by a Swiss institution and it's governed according to a European or a worldwide model. This reiterates the uniqueness and particularity of the watch and certifies its title as being an exclusive piece. Only best materials are used for production: gold, ceramics, carbon, stainless steel, rubber, titanium, copper ... FELDO`s luxury goods always come in a huge, high quality box, with a velvet base, a compartment for the clock and a tray for documents (certificate of authenticity, guarantee and instructions of use). Each product is send out with a certificate of authenticity that confirms that it has been manufactured according to the quality standards indicated.

Friday, November 6, 2009

FELDO Luxury

FELDO Luxury S.L. is a new luxury brand offering distinguished timepieces with a high level of precision as well as a unique special design.

The manufacturer’s motto is:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

The result is unique timepieces, using unique complication. In fact, if you buy a Feldo Luxury Timepiece, the complication is the product itself.

Enjoy the promotion videos of Feldo Luxury:

Based on this philosophy the brand is born. For those very special customers whom are looking to enjoy a modern design, a slim material and a high technical level of refinement, Feldo could be a new member of your extended family of luxury products.

Timepieces are probably one of the most essential accessory if you are looking to personalize your style. As you probably know, in the antique timepieces were pocket-timepieces and it is only at the end of the XIX century that the first wrist timepieces was developed so people can show them, in their wrist!

Since this time, it has become more difficult to choose between the wide range of timepieces which you can find in the market. FELDO Luxury timepieces are for those looking to acquire a luxury gold timepiece, with a special “plus”.

Each timepiece model manufactured by Feldo is different for his technical care in the details. Many modern luxury timepieces are more and more a sort of mini-computer, with many added functions.

FELDO timepieces is dedicated to simplicity and elegance. The most important feature for a watch is ... time, and FELDO wants to show the time under his most beautiful aspect.

The manufacturing of FELDO luxury timepieces is fully exhaustive. FELDO control all the manufacturing process of its timepieces. Th quality of manufacturing is the most important characteristic, and FELDO has understood in very well.

When purchasing a FELDO timepiece, you are not only acquiring a luxury timepiece, you are also the proud owner of one of the most exclusive timepiece of the market.


FELDO luxury news

Timepieces made by FELDO Luxury S.L. are always distinguished for being extra special. These timepieces incorporate an extraordinary design with high precision. This is the manufacturer’s philosopy and motto:

"Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognised”.

Obviously this statement is also valid for timepieces. So, FELDO does not incorporate the usual complications in the different timepieces models, instead the complication is the product itself.


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